BlueBird Mixtape 9/14/18

Additional Information

After years of feeling caged in musically, Veronica has decided to release her first full body of work entitled “BlueBird” and she will be releasIng it 9/14/18. She feels a very strong connection to Bluebird’s she says “They signify freedom. Their free to roam the world and sing when and however they want, their unstoppable and that’s how I want to be now”! Veronica spent years playing by the rules of others but now she is ready to soar on her own with this project. It will consist of 7 original songs and she has decided to give it away for free. Veronica understands that even in 2018 it’s very important to still build an organic fan base. 

This highly anticipated album was produced by Prodigies Music and written by Veronica! All we can say is get ready to be blown away.